Wrong is wrong. Period. End of Story.

When you drive a car into a group of people who are exercising their First Amendment right to political self-expression, that’s terrorism. Period. End of story.

James Alex Fields, Jr., political terrorist.

When you show up at a Congressional baseball practice, ask what party the players are, then open fire on them (only to be repelled because one of them was in leadership and had a security detail), that’s terrorism. Period. End of story.

When you try to make a manure bomb to blow up a bank in Oklahoma City (Oklahoma City!) because you don’t like the government (only to fail because of your own incompetence and the FBI), that’s terrorism. Period. End of story.

And when you try to minimize one of these events because another one was done by your political opponents (more or less), you are supporting terrorists. Period. End of story.

This isn’t time for Yankees-Red Sox politics. Wrong is wrong. We aren’t progressives or conservatives, Democrats or Republicans. We’re Americans–Americans who happen to be progressive or conservative, Democrat or Republican.

This isn’t the time to worry about your side or their side. It’s a time to worry about what we’re becoming.

Period. End of story.

Published by

Chris Hamilton

Chris Hamilton is a writer trying to make the next step, to go from pretty good to freaking outstanding. He's devoting himself to doing the work and immersing himself in writery pursuit. He also hasn't quite mastered this whole Powerball thing, and still has a pesky addiction to food, clothing, and shelter, so he has to work, too. Blech.

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