Fibro Saturday: My fibro running story (so far), kitchen disasters upcoming, and links

I ran five miles this morning

Before I started having severe pain in December, I was running about 5 miles most mornings. The goal was to build my distance during the cooler winter months and run a virtual half marathon on the way to a full marathon sometime this coming winter. I’d had some leg injuries over the summer and fall and was looking to get back where I’d already been in the winter of 2019-2020.

I did five miles of road work today

And then Fibro came. The pain was pretty extreme, but I didn’t really think about the fatigue. I’m not as young as I used to be, blah, blah, blah.

Because of the pain, I stopped exercising completely and didn’t start again until I read the Mayo Clinic Fibro book that made it clear half an hour of exercise every day in important. That’s what I started with. Then I tried mixing in running. And increasing a little. And a little more.

This morning I ran five miles (with two walk breaks of a tenth of a mile toward the end). Then I walked some and covered seven miles. The exercise is important to me. It helps my frame of mind.

This guy, Jimmy Fernandez had had Fibro for more than 20 years. He does the work, but he’s also fortunate.

After the run, I told my wife that I was nervous about posting this information. For one, a lot of people with Fibro struggle to work each day, let alone run any distance at all. If the last three months has taught me anything, it’s that the people who somehow persist in spite of enormous pain, fatigue, and plethora of other issues deserve all the respect there is.

I put in the work this morning, but I recognize how lucky I am to be able to do that.

More important, I’m still figuring this out. I ran four miles three times over the past two weeks and didn’t have any major crashes. Though I felt pretty bad Monday, I still managed to work almost a full day.

I might crash badly at any time over the next three or four days–and anyone on line can come back and say, “AAAAAAAAAAA-HA! You rain over the weekend and now we have to pay!” The fact of the matter is, if there are patterns involved in my journey, I haven’t figured them out yet. That’s part of why my longer runs tend to be on Saturday, so I have time to crash and be ready for work Monday.

But for now, I ran five miles this morning. It felt good. I want to run a 10K in the fall, Maybe more. Maybe a half marathon is possible again.

I’m really lucky to be able to do that. And I have deep respect for those with the condition who can’t.

Fibro-related humility and arrogance

When I was diagnosed on February 8, I was relieved and almost excited. Now that I knew, I could do something about it. That’s faded as it became clear how hard this would be. I’m just over three months into this and this was a hard week. No patterns have emerged (outside of the pain relief that came from quitting Coke Zero). I have no clue what later today will bring, let alone tomorrow or the work week. That’s scary.

This is harder than I thought and my initial challenge-accepted attitude was maybe a little arrogant, especially when you consider people who’ve battled this for decades. But I’m keeping that arrogance. I may not beat this, but if it beats me, it’s getting it’s ass kicked on the way.

Sometimes the quarterback has to be an asshole. For it, I have to keep that edge to get through the hard weeks and make the best of things.

Kitchen Disasters, Fibro Edition

If I want to live my best life, I have to take matters into my own hands. As such, I need to take control of my diet. That means for the first time in my life, I bought a cookbook. Today, I’ll be making sliced flank steak with broccoli florets and a garlic-oil sauce. Because the healthy granola I got at Publix had sugar as the second ingredient, I’ll be making granola.

And yogurt’s become a weekly staple. With an instant pot, it’s easy. You buy a jug of Fairlife milk, get two tablespoons of yogurt form the store (I use fat-free Greek yogurt), dump it in the instant pot, wisk it a bit, then press the yogurt button. Eight hours later, you’ve got enough yogurt for the week. I’ve been mixing it with blueberries and granola for breakfast or a snack.


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3 thoughts on “Fibro Saturday: My fibro running story (so far), kitchen disasters upcoming, and links”

  1. Wow I’m impressed! I subscribe to your same philosophy about movement and strive to work out at least 30 minutes a day. I had to give up running and the treadmill though, due to chronic back and hip pain. And they’ve been flares up the last week so anything more than yoga or my PT exercises is painful.
    I used to love yogurt until I became lactose intolerant but I would love to make my own and see if I can tolerate it. Yogurt with fruit and homemade granola is the best!

    Cheers! And happy cooking! I find controlling what I put in my body sets me up for success when fighting fibro flares.

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