Biden won. My party instigated insurrection. It must be remade.

As a Republican and for the record, Joe Biden won the 2020 Presidential election. As William Barr and a host of judges and justices have ruled, there is no proof that material election fraud occurred. The majority of Republicans have placed loyalty to a single man above loyalty to principles and to this country.

I’m an American, which means next week, Joe Biden is my President.

The Republican party used to stand for limited government and unlimited opportunity. It has been corrupted into a monstrous entity that stands only for whatever Donald Trump wants today. That is its only guiding principle. If you diverge, the President will stop just shy of actually telling his followers to make you pay, so he can throw his hands in the air and claim persecution while his loyal cabal pays the price with their freedom.

Never walk into a gunfight when you can get a sucker to do it for you.

Also for the record, I’ve opposed President Trump consistently. And there’s a direct line between rhetoric he proclaimed and tacitly blessed and last week’s attempt to overthrow the government and execute anti-Trump infidels.

But I am a Republican and my party owes the United States an apology. I don’t speak for it, but I am personally sorry. I’m sick about what my party is putting the country through. (And to answer the follow-on, I stay to try to influence the party by supporting relative sanity in the primaries.)

It wasn’t Democrats who smeared poop on the walls or took a leak in the Speaker of the House’s office. Democrats didn’t build the gallows, run around with flex cuffs, or beat a Capitol policeman to death. They aren’t trying to make martyrs out of the people who unnecessarily died during a coup attempt.

They aren’t continuing to tell people to fight like hell (wink, wink) to make sure the damned commie bastards don’t take every last thing you value or own. They didn’t believe a horsecrap story about Hillary Clinton trafficking children out of a pizza place. They aren’t running around decrying the masks that could reduce the Covid pandemic and the vaccines that will end it.

My party did that. And it needs to get its ass drop-kicked deep into minority status to remove its head from that ass.

It needs to be reminded that liberty, freedom of expression and religion, and the benefits of appropriately limited government are universal, not just applied to like-thinking people. It has to understand that a rising tide raises all boats, not just the nice boats at the upscale marinas attached to country clubs that admit the right people.

I’ve seen the mess that comes from unchecked liberal rule. It’s no mystery why people are fleeing California. In most of the state Republicans are as plentiful as decent Chicago pizza. There’s more concern about unhoused Angelinos, justice-involved individuals, and a high-speed rail project from Bakersfield (nowhere) to Merced (also nowhere), than in finding that tide that raises all boats. The new LA District Attorney believes that sentencing enhancements are inappropriate for gang members with multiple convictions and that juveniles who rape and beat elderly women to death should never be tried as adults.

These stances are horrible and wrong-headed, but they aren’t even close to the horrors my party supports.

If the Republican Party is crippled, the progressives will run country. That’s what should happen when party members attempt to overthrow the government.

People like me, the ones who call out the monstrous mutation, aren’t to blame for the coming correction. The people who made the correction necessary are.

My hope is that my party will learn quickly, step back from the fear, hatred, and lunacy, to find its principles and re-center itself to create Ronald Reagan’s shining city on a hill, rather than Donald Trump’s narrow-minded, gated community (with a big, beautiful wall around it).

To be great, this country needs a sane alternative to progressive policies, just as it also needs a sane alternative to the ugly, ungodly horror the conservative movement has become.

Sadly, it has neither at this time. But the excesses of the left, as substantial as they are, are nothing compared to the anti-democratic crusades of the right.

Correction: This post erroneously indicated that Biden wan the 2016 Presidential Election, not 2020. The writer responsible for that has been sentenced to 14 hours of listening to Nickelback.

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Chris Hamilton

Chris Hamilton is a writer trying to make the next step, to go from pretty good to freaking outstanding. He's devoting himself to doing the work and immersing himself in writery pursuit. He also hasn't quite mastered this whole Powerball thing, and still has a pesky addiction to food, clothing, and shelter, so he has to work, too. Blech.

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