She died while the potato chip guy walked around Publix with his mask in his hand

She died from Covid while the potato chip guy walked around Publix with his mask in his hand.

She is my wife’s friend’s sister. Just two three days before Christmas. According to a post on my wife’s friend’s Facebook page, her sister was fine on Friday. Five days later, she’s gone and what was shaping up to be a diminished Christmas just a few days ago is now shattered.

Her family probably found out about the death from a phone call, not because they were there at this woman’s side as she passed. As she got worse, they were probably home, apart, beside themselves with emotions that you can’t contain, let alone describe. The process of saying good-bye will be diminished–a drive-by or perhaps a Zoom funeral ceremony. And around that, they’ll likely be a shadow of a holiday somewhere because what else can you do?

There’s a new strain of Covid in the UK. Odds are pretty good it’s worked it way to the US. If it hasn’t, it’s inevitable that it will. It’s believed to be 70 percent more contagious than the current strain. While vaccine makers are confident the vaccine will still work, they still have to test to make sure. BioNTech, Pfizer’s partner in the first vaccine released, has said this new strain could increase the threshold for herd immunity, currently set a 60-70%. It’s unlikely 70% of Americans will take the vaccine.

Since Saturday, I’ve been to a Publix five times–four of those times, there were people walking around the store with no masks on. One guy wore his mask properly until he entered the store, when he pulled it down around his chin. The potato chip guy was at the Publix at Gunn Highway and Florida State Route 54. I stopped at the McDonald’s at 54 and the Suncoast Parkway and five of the people behind the counter were wearing their mask so it didn’t cover their nose. (I’ve generally stayed in a lot more but did some running around the past few days for Christmas. Shame on me a little, too.)

The guy in the tweet below apparently said he’d “drop” the lady working in a Barnes and Noble because she said he had to wear a mask. You can watch the rest.

This guy laid down on the floor after being asked to wear a mask in a store.

This guy, who happens to be Florida Rep. Matt Gaetz, was inside at a holiday party, jumping around, dancing and singing, all without a mask on.

Meanwhile, as these patriotic Americans exercise their precious freedoms–or whatever the hell it is they’re doing–my wife’s friend’s family joins the hundreds of thousands of families mourning at least one Covid death. Given the people insisting on traveling and gathering, that number probably won’t level off for several weeks. And because so many people will pass on the vaccine, the road to normal will potentially be longer and rockier than it needs to be.

Matt Gaetz, mocking the need to wear a mask in public (or presumably, in Publix).

At this point, more people will die of this no matter what. We have the ability to reduce or increase that number. We have the ability to reduce or increase the number of people infected, the number of businesses devastated, the amount of time before things go back to normal.

This family’s grief is real. It’s not part of a conspiracy to steal your rights or kick the President out of office. It’s not fake news, a ploy to get you to sacrifice your rights and your money to the socialist horde. It’s not them trying to control your life from their little hidey hole of fear and cowardice.

It’s an open sore on their soul, a page that can never be unturned.

While the potato chip guy walked around Publix with his mask in his hand.

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